Globalised. Climatised. Stigmatised.

Resistance, Resilience & Small Island Exceptionalism

G.C.S. Successfully launched at United Nations

Camillo Gonsalves' new book, Globalised. Climatised. Stigmatised. enjoyed a spectacular launch at the United Nations today, with a packed audience of diplomats and a lively panel discussion about the specificities and perspectives of small island developing states.

Joining Minister Gonsalves on the discussion panel was Luis Alfonso De Alba, the United Nations Secretary-General's Special Envoy for Climate Change; Lois Young, Ambassador of Belize and Chair of the Alliance of Small Island States; Satyendra Prasad, Ambassador of Fiji and Chair of the Pacific Small Island Developing States; and Marc-Andre Blanchard, Permanent Representative of Canada to the United Nations. The panel discussion was moderated by Liz Thompson, Permanent Representative of Barbados to the United Nations.

The President of the United Nations General Assembly, María Fernanda Espinosa, delivered opening remarks at the book launch. Calling the book an excellent example of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines’ “thought leadership” at the United Nations, The General Assembly President stated “‘Globalised. Climatised. Stigmatised’ is a provocative title that very neatly captures the essence of the challenges faced by Small Island Developing States. . . it already has a guaranteed place on my bedside table, and I warmly commend its messages to you all.”

The panelists engaged in a vigourous discussion on climate change, debt, the blue economy and multilateral diplomacy. The standing-room-only audience of almost 200 diplomats was enthusiastic, and posed many questions to Minister Gonsalves and the panel.

Speaking to the audience, Minister Gonsalves expressed his gratitude to the panelists and audience, and reaffirmed his faith in the ability of small island developing states to triumph over adversity and capitalise on developmental opportunities.

Photos from the event, including many supportive tweets from UN diplomats, are available in the book launch photo album, HERE.