Globalised. Climatised. Stigmatised.

Resistance, Resilience & Small Island Exceptionalism

G.C.S. to launch in SVG on Monday 29th April


Minister of Finance, Sustainable Development and ICT Camillo Gonsalves will launch his new book this Monday 29th April at the Calliaqua Town Hall. The book, titled Globalised. Climatised. Stigmatised., is a 186-page collection of essays about the specificities, opportunities and developmental challenges of small island states.

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G.C.S. Successfully launched at United Nations

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Camillo Gonsalves' new book, Globalised. Climatised. Stigmatised. enjoyed a spectacular launch at the United Nations today, with a packed audience of diplomats and a lively panel discussion about the specificities and perspectives of small island developing states.

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Globalised. Climatised. Stigmatised on!


Globalised. Climatised. Stigmatised. is now available for order or download on The new book by Camillo Gonsalves was listed on the Amazon website as both a physical shipment and a Kindle™ download. Globalised. Climatised. Stigmatised. can be yours as a Kindle™ download for US$9.99 or as a paperback for US$15.00. Click HERE to order yours today from!