Globalised. Climatised. Stigmatised.

Resistance, Resilience & Small Island Exceptionalism

“‘Globalised. Climatised. Stigmatised’ is a provocative title that very neatly captures the essence of the challenges faced by Small Island Developing States. . . it already has a guaranteed place on my bedside table, and I warmly commend its messages to you all." – Her Excellency María Fernanda Espinosa Garcés, President of the United Nations General Assembly

Globalised. Climatised. Stigmatised. confronts issues of sustainable development from the unique perspectives of Small Island Developing States. "This collections of essays argues that small islands are unique; that this exceptionalism does not fit a "one size fits all" orthodoxy. The global entrenchment of neoliberal orthodoxy as our planet's guiding philosophical underpinning,...represent(s) the gilded cage that confines the developmental aspirations of small islands."

Globalised. Climatised. Stigmatised. argues that "island states. . . suffer the unholy trinity of being globalised, climatised and stigmatised to varying harmful degrees." The book's essays of are organised under these pillars, discussing debt, trade, inequality, climate change, the blue economy, blacklists, diplomacy, sovereignty, and the role of the state in island development.

Well-researched, and written in a conversational style, Globalised. Climatised. Stigmatised. is a strong introduction to the issues confronting small island states, and some suggestions for enhancing their developmental trajectory.